TransWeek! 2012 Event Schedule now Posted

 Check out this page for a full schedule on this year’s TransWeek!

“Organizing Against Transnormativity” November 2nd – 5th, 2012 in Iowa City, IA

 Transnormativity is an insidious aspect of the increased visibility of trans* communities. The concept plays out in the lives of trans* people where all of us who identify as trans* are expected to narrate our identities along mainstream understandings. We’re sure you know the common narrative – from an early age we knew we were different, our bodies don’t match our minds, we want to transition to “the other” gender. These are all myths associated with a transnormative narrative, and they simply aren’t true. We are much more complex and nuanced and there are many ways that trans* people narrate our understandings of our identities. This year, TransWeek! takes aim at transnormativity through many opportunities to engage in dialogue – through workshops and performance art – around the systemic problems associated with this aspect of trans* communities and dominant rhetoric.


About transcollaborations

TransCollaborations is an organization open to all trans-identified people and allies of the trans community in Iowa City and beyond. Our work is aimed towards promoting education, outreach, civic engagement, and community building centered around gender identity and addressing intersectional forms of oppression. We aim to bring trans-identified folk and allies together for these purposes and to implement The UI TransWeek on an annual basis. TransWeek is a week of events organized around the dual themes of remembering and celebrating trans-identified folk and serves to provide education, spirited discussions, and celebration of those who have overcome institutional and micro-level trans-related barriers.

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