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Meeting schedule through April!

– Sunday March 10th 12:30pm @ WRAC (130 N. Madison St. Iowa City)
Discussion: Social Justice Projects in Iowa City

Over the last few months our group has quietly shifted from focusing on social support and gatherings to increasingly working towards social justice work in our town. While oftentimes we check in with each other about projects going on, and work as a group, other times we engage in this work independently. This meeting is to check in with each other about works-in-progress and discuss meaningful ways to push through some of these projects. Topics might include: Insurance Changes to having trans-specific healthcare; Restroom Revolution; Gender Affirming student housing options. Bring your ideas and updates.

– Sunday March 24th 12:30pm @ WRAC (130 N. Madison St. Iowa City)
Film Screening & Discussion: Let Me Die a Woman

Since last summer when we hosted the Trans* Medical Symposium there has been a lot of movement in our town to make healthcare more trans* affirming. This particular movie is quite outdated, and quite caustic, too. It seems like creating space to reflect on historical documents such as this video allows for reflection on where we have been, and the directions we are heading. The discussion following the screening can focus on: 1) the ridiculousness of the premise that providers were working from in the 1970s 2) the triggering aspects of the movie 3) what has changed since the movie was released 40 years ago 4) other assorted topics

– Sunday April 14th  12:30pm @ WRAC (130 N. Madison St. Iowa City)
Planning Meeting for: The Trans* Oral History Project visit to Iowa City

The Trans* Oral History Project is coming to Iowa City April 19th and 20th. We will use this meeting to finalize plans for the project’s visit, and brainstorm any topics that need to be discussed before they come. For example, oftentimes our public programs attempt to move beyond Trans-101, yet we consistently find that while as a group we are ready to ‘move beyond’ that conversation, many folks who attend the programs are not. How do we navigate this conundrum as a community to address these dilemmas so that we (or our guests) are not put into the ‘educator role’ but instead we can have meaningful dialogue and programs, and engage in the rich topics that we want to engage in?


Meeting Schedule through February!

TransCollaborations finally has a meeting schedule for the upcoming weeks. Consider stopping by, building community, and working on projects/events with us! All are welcome.
– Sunday January  27th 12:30pm at WRAC (130 N. Madison St. Iowa City)
bring a dish or beverage to share (if possible)…potluck to celebrate a new semester and new year of fierce and fun transactivism

– Sunday February 10th 12:30pm at WRAC (130 N. Madison St. Iowa City)
we will continue working on (and finalize?) the community art project from TransWeek! back in November

– Sunday February 24th 12:30pm at WRAC (130 N. Madison St. Iowa City)
Topic TBA

Upcoming Meetings for TransCollaborations

Upcoming Meetings and Dates are now posted under “upcoming events” tab…

1. Sunday November 18th 1pm @ WRAC – for trans* identified people only (Topic: reflecting on TransWeek)
2. Sunday November 25th 1pm @ WRAC – open to everyone (Topic: reflecting on TransWeek (and even if you did not make any of the events, would love to hear your perspectives on why that might have been the case if intentional/chosen decision) and directions for future work)

TransWeek! Planning Meeting Sun. Oct. 14th 1-3pm @ WRAC

The next TransWeek! planning meeting is Sunday October 14th from 1-3pm at WRAC. Stop by to make buttons, cut fliers, and plan our publicity campaign.

If you are not available for Sunday planning meetings but want to help out by organizing, sharing ideas, putting on a workshop/leading a discussion, or volunteering your time, please let us know via email at

TransWeek! Planning Meeting

TransWeek! is coming up in about a month. This year’s theme is “Organizing Against Transnormativity.” If you are interested in helping out with TransWeek! this year by organizing, sharing ideas, putting on a workshop/leading a discussion, or volunteering your time, please let me know when you would be available for a meeting by going to this link and selecting as many or as few times as work for you. Once a date is established, I will post the info for the meeting. If none of the times work for you, but you’d still like to help out, send me an email at

Meeting on Sunday September 16th

TransCollaborations will be having a meeting this coming Sunday, the 16th at noon. We will be meeting at the Women’s Resource and Action Center (WRAC) as usual. Our discussion for this meeting will be about local organizations and their advertising that is directed at trans* folks. We will be looking at and discussing websites, brochures, etc from area organizations and businesses that are trying to reach out to trans* people. Please bring in any materials you think are relevant and want to discuss with others. If people are interested in doing so, we may also write some responses to the advertising to send to the orgs that put them them out. Lastly, we will also discuss our upcoming meetings in October and planning for TransWeek! events. Please email me at if you have any questions. Hope to see you there!

Next Meeting: Discussion on Mistakes, Compassion, & Tokenization

The next transcollaborations meeting is THIS Sunday August 26th at noon  @ WRAC.

A personal note: I have been reflecting a lot on this particular topic (see prompt below) over the last few years. As folks embedded in social justice work, it seems self-evident that we are all working towards greater awareness, compassion, and more holistic ways of thinking about oppression and privilege and the many ways that our constellations of identities intersect at different points in our lives, social landscapes, historical moments, etc. However, as folks working within social justice communities, we don’t always set aside space to talk about these issues. I am looking forward to a really fantastic (and important) discussion.

Discussion Prompt: As folks working in trans* communities (and other social justice spaces) how do we “know” when those who have made mistakes in the past have grown and realized their mistakes that are harmful to our communities and antithetical to commitments towards social justice across oppression? Who gets to decide (who is forgiven) and what does that say about power relations that operate in our society and the various points of intersection of identities? How do we know when to be compassionate (or not) towards those who are actively working towards not causing harm to others but still make mistakes?

On a similar but separate note, an unfortunate consequence of being in such a small community in Iowa City is that one trans* person’s perspective is often perceived by others in dominant groups as “the” perspective of trans* communities. In spite of this tokenization, how do we within the trans* community work together and speak from our own experience, challenge the tokenization process, and co-construct community responses when there is disagreement within our group about those public responses to situations, issues, etc.

Zine Making Party on July 22nd

The next TransCollaborations meeting will be on Sunday, July 22nd at 12 pm at the Women’s Resource and Action Center in Iowa City. We are going to be working on the first ever TransCollaborations zine! What are we looking for? Whatever you want to share! Bring your art, your poetry, your pictures, your friends. Bring your rants, your jokes, your stories, your favorite quotes. Bring snacks. Some art supplies and paper will be provided at the meeting. See you there!