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Important Meeting Called to Address Future of Trans* Group – Sunday March 30 4pm

Hello Friends!

As some of you may have noticed, the trans* group has slowly been shifting towards inactivity over this academic year. We have accomplished a lot in our 6 years of existence and now it is time to have some difficult conversations about the viability of this group. Yet, there are exciting projects in the works and many community/campus partners are slowly starting to take on trans* specific education.

For this first meeting (of several) to discuss important issues, we are inviting trans*-identified (broadly defined) people into this space to have an intra-community conversation before we reach out to allies. Yet we are asking our allies to forward this message on to people who may not otherwise be involved with this group.

The meeting is this Sunday at 4pm at WRAC (130 N. Madison Street Iowa City) to discuss two timely issues related to trans* organizing in the Iowa City area:

1) The future directions of the group and looking ahead to next year and beyond to put in place structures for other organizations to take on some of the work that we do in programming, educational outreach, and activism

2) One of our co-organizers recently met with the UI Department of Public Safety and it was a wonderfully productive conversation. We have some ideas in the works about creating more communication with that department, as well as how to get trans* folks access to the Nite Ride program.

We will intermittently have meetings over the next few months as well to celebrate our successes and plan for the future

If you need to reach out to the co-organizers, our email address is:


TDOR Zine Making and Potluck

November 20th is the International Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR). This is a day that is set aside to bring awareness to the violence faced by transgender people worldwide and to honor those who have lost their lives to this violence.

In past years, TransCollaborations has held a vigil to commemorate this day. We’ve found that the trans people who come to the vigils don’t feel that they get anything out of it. We often leave such events feeling disconnected and triggered.  In the interest of honoring both TDOR and our community, this year’s event will be a little different. Our goals are to foster a sense of solidarity and accountability in our community, and to come together to collaboratively create something tangible.

Therefore, this year TransCollaborations is hosting a zine making party and potluck on Wednesday, November 20th from 6pm to 9pm at the LGBT Resource Center (125 Grand Ave Ct). We will be creating zines that focus on community accountability, allyship, and story sharing. After working on our pieces for the zines, we will end the evening by coming together as a community for a potluck. Everyone is encouraged to bring a dish to share. See you there!

This event is free and open to the public. If you have any questions/concerns about this event, please email us at

Transcollaboration’s First 2 Events of the Semester

Rebecca Kling - head shot

Transcollaborations is proud to announce that we will be holding our first two events of the semester next week, September 17 and 18.

Rebecca Kling, a transgender artist and educator from Chicago, will be joining us to lead a workshop on transgender allyship on September 17th and put on a solo performance the following night. She explores gender and identity through solo pieces and educational workshops. Kling takes the position that sharing accessible queer narratives with a wide audience is a form of activism, and that understanding combats bigotry.

Trans 101: Diversity and Respect

When: Tuesday September 17th 6-7 PM

Where: Iowa City Public Library, Meeting Room A

This workshop is intended to give attendees a basic primer on transgender issues and experiences.

No Gender Left Behind

When: Wednesday September 18th 7-8 PM

Where: LGBT Resource Center 125 Grand Avenue Court

This solo performance is the story of how, in the Fall of 2010, Rebecca Kling was fired from a teaching position for being a transgender woman. The experience left her wondering what America was teaching its children – and its adults – about gender, conformity, and being just a little different.

These events were made possible by the generous support from our sponsors: Center for Student Involvement and Leadership, LGBT Resource Center, University of Iowa Student Government, Executive Council of Graduate and Professional Students, Mama’s Deli, and Fairgrounds Coffeehouse.

Everyone is encouraged to attend all University of Iowa Sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires an accommodation in order to participate in this program, please contact the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership in advance at 319-335-3059.

These events are free and open to the public. For more information, please email us at

TransWeek! Planning Meeting Sun. Oct. 14th 1-3pm @ WRAC

The next TransWeek! planning meeting is Sunday October 14th from 1-3pm at WRAC. Stop by to make buttons, cut fliers, and plan our publicity campaign.

If you are not available for Sunday planning meetings but want to help out by organizing, sharing ideas, putting on a workshop/leading a discussion, or volunteering your time, please let us know via email at


We are a loose collaboration of trans-activists and allies in the Iowa City area. So excited to start this blog and website. Our goals for this space are to make it a community building website through lively discussions of issues/everyday events that we encounter as trans* folk and allies.

We also want to use this space to provide resources (for trans* folk, allies, and providers) and keep you updated on events happening around town!

TransCollaborations meets on the second and fourth Sunday of the month at noon at the Women’s Resource & Action Center.