Monthly Meetings

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TransCollaborations meets twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Sunday. Unless otherwise noted, we meet at the Women’s Resource & Action Center (130 N. Madison St)

A few Notes:

Film Screenings are open for everyone to attend. We recognize that representations of trans* folk in mainstream movies are usually problematic. Screening a film does not mean that we endorse it as a “good” movie. We will discuss the films after the viewing.

Discussions are open to transgender, genderqueer, and allies of the trans* community only. We follow GenderQueer Chicago’s rules for safe space in our discussions.

  • Sunday April 14th 12:30pm @ Fairgrounds: Trans* Oral History Project Planning Meeting
  • Sunday March 24th 12:30pm @ WRAC: Film Screening Let Me Die a Woman
  • Sunday March 10th 12:30pm @ WRAC: Discussion “Social Justice Projects in Iowa City”
  • Sunday February 24th 12:30pm @ WRAC: Film Screening But I’m A Cheerleader
  • Sunday February 10th 12:30 @ LGBTRC: Work on Community Art Project
  • Sunday January 27th 12:30pm @ WRAC: Potluck to celebrate new year!


  • Sunday November 25th 1pm @ WRAC: Reflecting on TransWeek! (open to everyone)
  • Sunday November 18th 1pm @ WRAC: Reflecting on TransWeek! (closed for trans* identified people only)
  • Sunday October 14th, 1pm @ WRAC: TransWeek! Planning Meeting (Publicity)
  • Sunday October 7th, 1pm @ WRAC: TransWeek! Planning Meeting (Scheduling TransWeek!)
  • Sunday September 16th, 12 pm @ WRAC: Discussion “Local Advertising Directed at Trans* People”
  • Sunday August 26th, 12pm @ WRAC: Discussion “Making Mistakes, Compassion, and Tokenization”
  • Sunday August 12th, 12pm @ WRAC: TransWeek! Planning Session
  • Sunday July 22nd, 12pm @ WRAC: Zine Making Party
  • Sunday July 8th, 12 pm @ WRAC: Presentation by Iowa Legal Aid & discussion of trans inclusion and outreach in their services
  • Sunday June 10th, 12 pm @ WRAC: Letter writing for CeCe McDonald
  • Sunday May 13th: Discussion: “TransCollaborations: Planning for next year”
  • Sunday April 29th: Film Screening “My Transsexual Summer
  • Sunday April 8th: Discussion “Navigating Legal Systems in Iowa”
  • Sunday March 25th: Film Screening “Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton’s Cafeteria
  • Sunday March 11th: Discussion “Experiences with Exoticizing & Othering Trans* Folk”
  • Sunday Feb. 26th: Film Screening “Straightlaced: How Gender Has Got Us All Tied Up
  • Sunday Feb. 19th: Discussion “Creating safe space in not so safe places”
  • Sunday Jan. 22nd: Film Screening “Queer Duck

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