TransWeek! 2012 Bios

TransWeek! 2012 Performer and Workshop Facilitator Bios:

ellie june navidson, a “radical tranny faggot” from Chicago is gaining recognition for hir brilliant blog and touring the country, facilitating workshops on trans* social justice issues.

Lucy Homan is a non-binary femme from West Virginia. Ze is one of the founders of Transgressions, an organization dedicated to educating the public about transgender communities; and providing transgender folks with a comprehensive resource and support system through research, advocacy, comprehensive reports, articles, and guides

Red Durkin is the managing editor of A writer, comedian, and vlogger, she has toured extensively as part of the Tranny Roadshow, performed at Camp Trans and the Transgender Leadership Summit, and was a member of the Fully Functional Cabaret. Red has written 9 zines and was featured in the final issue of Punk Planet magazine. Her work on Youtube has been shown in college classrooms, played at various events internationally, and translated into German.

Torrin Cormac is a fixture in both the Indianapolis trans community and the slam poetry community. He has won many competitions with his poetry, which focuses on intersections of identities.


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